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Multinational companies are among the most important factors in the economic progress of our time. They are “most obvious and the soundest side of globalization”.

The development of such companies was favored by continued liberalization of international trade and investment activities. The activities of these companies take place both in industrialized and developing countries.

As a newly founded company, ELYAMYN EMPIRE AG has a start-up capital of 150,000 euros and is headquartered in Frankurt am Main, i.e. in the middle of Germany. This is due to legal certainty and economic stability that characterize Europe`s economic driving force. Our company is made up of seven business units, lead by an experienced and visionary CEO, alongside a board of directors of high professionalism, backed by reputable law firms and internationally renowned economists and auditors.

The seven business units of ELYAMIN EMPIREA AG are:

  1. Civil and industrial buildings – around 100 highly qualified employees are active here, with a focus on interior design for the premium segment;
  2. Domestic and foreign transport – we have a fleet of 100 vehicles between 3.5 and 20 tons for this purpose;
  3. IT and software
  4. Import-export of food and non-food products, as well as industrial products, including construction machinery, equipment and materials, as well as on own production of washable indoor and outdoor paints;
  5. Energy production by means of solar panels, wind turbines and geothermal energy and their distribution;
  6. Consultance on the procurement of EU funds;
  7. Insurate and private pensions.

Our customers expect us to be aware of their needs and to cater to them accordingly. At Elyamyn Empire AG, we do exactly that to ensure their satisfaction through professionalism, services and products of the highest quality and at competitive rates.