Perseverance and Excellence

Perseverance has been and it still is the step towards success in achieving excellence.
That is why we can say with great enthusiasm and certainty that excellence is our target in all ELYAMYN corporation projects.


Corporate Holding, Germany

Multinational corporations are one of the key factors of economic progress nowadays, representing the most visible and viable part of globalization.

The development of these companies has been encouraged by the constant liberalization of international trade and investment flows. These corporations conduct their business activity both in developed countries and in emerging regions.

Corporate holding ELYAMYN EMPIRE AG Germany is an entity that presents all the financial attributes of a real trust, having been established in 2018 in Frankfurt am Main, the financial center of Europe, holding a starting capital of £200,000 , and then receiving a capital infusion of up to £1 billion by the end of 2025.

From an organizational point of view, the holding company is structured on seven fields of activity, its activity being supervised by a visionary and experienced CEO and by a first-class Board of Directors, assisted by world-renowned law firms, as well as experts in economics and accounting and financial audit.

The holding company is a MULTINATIONAL that includes four subsidiaries:

Import - Export

According to the concept of sustainable growth, trade is a strategic component responsible for the balanced and viable development of social and economic systems in any country.

Trade is a specific and very complex sector of activity, structured on several subsectors, of which wholesale, retail, warehousing, purchasing and import-export activities play a fundamental role. In this sense, trade is a significant side of the modern economy and the basic component of the market economy, regardless of its form.

Through its subsidiaries located in the Czech Republic and the United Kingdom, Romania and Ukraine The ELYAMYN EMPIRE AG corporate holding offers a wide range of products:

Moreover, we will soon launch a wide online platform easily accessible from any corner of the world, given that we are strategically positioned in the center of Europe and offer a full range of products and services at reasonable and competitive prices, in line with the applicable European standards.

Energy production and distribution

This sector produces energy through solar panels, wind turbines and geothermal systems.

The energy division of the corporate holding company ELYAMYN EMPIRE AG offers turnkey solutions, customized according to your wishes and needs.

We can execute indoor and outdoor lighting projects and related electrical wiring works, from concept to implementation. Furthermore, the additional services we offer include electricity supply, energy efficiency and energy management solutions (including telemanagement), as well as solar energy solutions.

Nowadays, technology turns the most challenging concepts into reality.
Our solutions incorporate LED technology, which is the most efficient and versatile technical option when it comes to residential, outdoor, office, commercial or architectural lighting.

LED technology is also the result of decades of research in the field of energy efficiency and lighting systems.

Our goal for the near future is the implementation of the “Anvergure”, project an energy production park with an area of up to 3000 hectares, which uses smart photovoltaic panels to generate electricity with an installed power of up to 3000 MGW. We are seriously considering alternative energy production and distribution solutions, which are based on unconventional, biodegradable and renewable energy sources.


Cogeneration Power Plant

Elyamyn is currently advising one of the largest stakeholders controlling ca 70% of the assets of the cogeneration power plant CET Iasi, on company restructuring issues. CET Iasi owns and operates 2 cogeneration plants in the city of Iasi in North Eastern Romania, as follows:
– CET 1 – installed capacity 772 MWt, of which 308 MWt/ 157 MWe in cogeneration and 464 MWt in hot water boilers
– CET 2 – installed capacity of 610 MWt / 100 MWe in hard coal fired cogeneration
CET Iasi is operational and actually operating, still under liquidation/bankruptcy procedures. Iasi is Romania’s 2nd largest city with 480,000 inhabitants (ca 160,000 households) and CET Iasi is ideally positioned to supply its power and heat needs.
An investment of max 250 M EUR may bring the new investor a 50% stake in CET Iasi (here iicluded its real estate worth ca 200 M EUR) as well as a solid further option to amicably buy out the incumbent stakeholder and thus reach 100% control.
This is for sure the most efficient and rewarding investment in the Romanian energy sector these days.

Civil and industrial constructions

This segment counts over 100 highly qualified technical employees specializing in state-of-the-art luxury finishing works, offering a guarantee in terms of quality and performance.

Through its dedicated construction division, ELYAMYN EMPIRE AG promotes the main activity of the holding company, which accounts for more than 50% of the business generated, in particular the construction of civil and industrial buildings, office spaces, residential buildings, shopping centers, shopping malls and showrooms, institutional and government buildings, health and scientific units, hospitals, cultural and educational buildings and facilities, religious edifices, but also interior and exterior renovations that restore the old buildings to the glory of yesteryear.

Additional products and services offered include:

All these activities are meant to prove our capacity as a general contractor in Germany, the Czech Republic and the United Kingdom, Romania and Ukraine, but also in other European countries, which is due to our intra-territorial and extra-territorial flexibility.

Domestic and international shipping

The strategy of the corporate holding company ELYAMYN EMPIRE AG, through the activity of its transport division, is to offer a wide range of freight transport solutions, supported by a solid IT management infrastructure.

ELYAMYN EMPIRE AG Germany, together with its other four subsidiaries, offers customers a variety of reasonably priced solutions for the international and domestic transport of goods, with the possibility to access the proprietary infotainment system, in order to increase performance and achieve the standards required by customers.

Given that we have the right equipment and our own state-of-the-art maintenance and repair base, we aim to offer a diversified and constantly growing portfolio of services, so as to cover almost all types of transport:

fuels, cereals, general goods, heavy or oversized loads, refrigerated products, containers, dangerous goods under the European Agreement on the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road (ADR).

All these services are available thanks to our fleet of trucks with a 20-tonne semi-trailer. In the near future, we aim to ensure international and domestic passenger transport, as well as parcel delivery services worldwide.

This sector coordinates a fleet exceeding 100 freight vehicles with a load capacity of between 3.5 and 20 tons, 25 fuel tanks and barges (grain transport and tanker type) from 800-2500 tons.
We also offer rail transport through leading operators in Europe.

7 business departments

Elyamyn Empire AG, Germany

Trader activity on the grain market

At the level of Europe – Asia – Africa, through bilateral contracts for the purchase of cereal products from Ukraine and Romania, with a storage capacity of up to 5 million tons of (wheat, maize, soybeans, sunflower, barley and rapeseed).

Import-export of products

Food and non-food products, industrial products, including construction machinery, equipment and materials, as well as its own production of washable paints for indoors and outdoors.

Energy production

Through solar panels, wind turbines, geothermal energy and distribution, at this moment having in its portfolio the largest accumulation of photovoltaic projects at the South-Eastern level of Europe.

Civil and industrial constructions

Around 100 highly qualified employees work with a focus on interior design for the premium segment.

Internal and external transport

Structured in 3 major departments: Maritime transport provided by barges from 800 to 2500 tons per unit. Rail freight transport provided by important operators at European level, but also in Ukraine. Land transport provided by over 100 trucks of 20 tons, and 25 fuel tanks of 40,000 liters.

Wholesale storage and distribution

Petroleum products and fuels (diesel, gasoline, lpg) in the central area of Romania with a storage capacity in the SATU-MARE area of 1 million tons.

Department of Health

It aims at the distribution at European level of medical equipment and devices, but also of treatment and high-class medicines.